Photo Friday #2 – Week 2/52 – Canal Cottage…

Canal Cottage
Photo Friday #2 – Week 2/52 – Canal Cottage

Here we are, at the end of the second week of the 52 Week Project and it was a cold one this morning. This image of a beautiful cottage was taken in Llanfoist, near Abergavenny, along the canal.

I had been busy this week with no time to take any photos. This morning I had to take my partner to work for 06:50 so thought that it could be the perfect motivation to get out and take some photos. I planned out where the sun was going to rise the night before using an app for my phone called the photographers ephemeris. I figured that due to the fog in the night and the cold temperatures that there would be some nice frost in the morning. Due to the frost and the sunrise, I was expecting some nice atmospheric mist with some beautiful morning light shining through and painting the cottage with golden heavenly light, straight out of a fantasy landscape. Or so it was in my head on the drive down.

Turns out that the mist was higher in the sky than I had hoped, causing the light to become diffused and flat. There was indeed frost on the grass but as the light was not great, that too just looked desaturated and flat and added nothing to any compositions. The canal was frozen over though which was nice and helped create some cool reflections in the water with great texture. The portrait orientation helps the composition by emphasising the symmetry of the cottage and the reflection. I do quite like how the image turned out. It feels almost painterly to me. There was minimal editing done as I felt the image should be kept as natural as possible.

I plan to come back to this location, hopefully with the lighting that I had in my dreams. Perhaps during the spring with new buds and leaves on the trees, or in the autumn where the leaves would be of gorgeous reds and oranges. Alas, maybe that image will stay in my dreams…


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